Waterproof Decks

Our Gaco brand deck systems protect and beautify any deck surface including balconies, patios, roof decks, plazas, and elevated sidewalks with virtually unlimited patterns, styles and colors.DECKS 08 018

Gaco decks are a seamless, two-component, liquid applied, rubberized urethane that adheres directly to exterior plywood, metal, or concrete surfaces. This provides a waterproof membrane formulated to perform in even the harshest climates.  Gaco decks won’t shrink, crack, chip, peel, or lift  from normal expansion and contraction. Gaco deck systems are fade resistant and hold up well against attack by air and waterborne pollutants.  Simply clean the surface with soap and water as you see fit. 20131125_111836 Gaco requires all urethane applicators to complete certified training before allowing the Gaco product to be used.  AGT Painting and Coatings  has been a Gaco certified installer since 1998.



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