I’ve announced a lot of drag races over the years, and have called some single races worth some real money. But I also often joke about the fact that a lot of so-called big money grudge races are probably worth one zero less than what everyone claims. That’s not always the case however, and I’ve certainly seen some real money change hands during single pair grudge races all over the place.

I think a single grudge race that is being run for $10,000 or 20,000 is nuts. But for a race to be run for $76,000 is INSANE and that’s exactly what went down at this race.

Video Description:

This was our first time at F-Body Fest in Monroe Louisiana and it was an absolute blast. It was definitely a bit different than what we’re used to seeing at an event but it was so much fun to say the least. So many awesome races and tons of money changing hands. it’s a whole different world down south but we loved every minute of it and will definitely be going back!

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