There’s few things more awesome than seeing old video of a legend telling their own stories. Yes, this is a relatively short clip, lasting a total of about five minutes but it’s fantastic as we get to hear Smokey Yunick talk about his racing career and accomplishments. We’re pretty sure that this video comes from the old show, “The Exciting World of Speed and Beauty” which was Sunday morning must see TV back when we were kids.

Heck, we might have watch this show when it first came out but we definitely did not understand or appreciate the man who’s featured here back then. How could we? You have to know the guy’s story a little, know the guy’s attitude a little, and know the guys’s brilliance a little to really be enthralled with Smokey Yunick. It’s one of the funny things about being a racing legend, right? Outside the walls of the race track your life is pretty obscure. Inside the walls of the race track, you are a rock star of epic proportions.

Make sure you watch this one to the end because when Smokey starts showing off the engines, you’ll be as impressed as we were that he actually kept all this stuff! An amazing five minutes with one of the most awesome racing legends in American history –

Press play below to see this awesome short feature on Smokey Yunick in his own words

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