As we have showed you loads of videos featuring the smarts, abilities, and tenacity of mechanics (which we believe to be in Pakistan) you know the respect we have for them. The same can be said for the crafty guys making radiators and other parts like gears out of stuff that would otherwise be scrapped. But there does come a point where the abilities and resourcefulness of people does enter a pretty weird area. We’d argue having kids doing chrome work is a pretty weird area. You are going to see that in this video and it’s, at least to us, jarring.

We’re getting a look inside a factory that makes motorcycle shocks, or as we’d better call them here, forks. The process of building them is labor intensive and requires manual machining and assembly every step of the way. There are machines, but they are WWII era lathes which are still working (seemingly) as good as the day they were built.

When we think about truly modernized manufacturing plants across the world, the amount of times a product is “touched” by human hands from end to end is minimal. In this case, every guy in the joint has a hand on the parts and most of the time between touches they are on the dirt floor.

This is pretty hardcore.

Press play below to see how things are done at this motorcycle shock factory –

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