One would expect police to drive more cautiously than most. But as we’ve pointed out before, some cops just seem to crash a lot. However, it’s really something when the chief of a police department T-bones someone out cruising in their classic Ford Mustang. But that’s exactly what happened last month in Albuquerque.

Watch a cop get caught allegedly driving intoxicated with his kids in the car.

The crash in question happened back on Saturday, February 17 as the victim, Todd Perchert, was cruising down Route 66 in his family heirloom 1966 Ford Mustang. He was headed to a Mustang club meetup at The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, reports KRQE, when everything went sideways, literally.

Image via KRQE/YouTube

Traffic cam footage shows a Ford F-150 go through a red light, squeeze between two vehicles which had right of way, then slam right into the side of the little Mustang. Behind the wheel of the pickup was Albuquerque Police Chief Herald Medina.

Chief Medina offered an explanation for his reckless behavior, running a red light, by telling the media that he and his wife, who was riding in the Ford, heard gunfire and fled as fast as they could from the perceived danger.

In the traffic cam footage, you can see two men on the corner where Chief Medina had pulled up fighting each other. Supposedly they were the source of the gunshots.

The collision left Perchert with several broken bones and a collapsed lung, making it difficult to breathe. He had to go through surgery to get titanium plates put on several ribs and says he’s now in constant pain.

Perchert and his wife held a press conference recently to ask why they haven’t been given answers about the life-altering crash. His wife said Chief Medina behaved with “reckless disregard for the lives and safety of others.” She claims the police department and mayor have “blown off” their concerns. So much for “protect and serve.”

The real sick twist according to Perchert’s wife is that the mayor praised Chief Medina for how he acted in the situation, saying “that made me sick.”

It seems the city and police department are more concerned with making excuses than making amends with Perchert. Although, there is apparently an internal affairs investigation going on. But what we want to know is why isn’t another department investigating the crash instead of APD?

We all know where this case is likely headed and hope justice is served.

Images via KRQE/YouTube

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