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Albuquerque’s Police Chief So Far Faces Zero Consequences For T-Boning Classic Mustang After Running A Red Light

Plenty has been happening after we initially covered Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina running a red light, T-boning a classic Ford Mustang, and seriously injuring the other driver. It’s a case many find shocking, but how it’s being handled is even more concerning.

See bodycam footage of the chief walking around the scene of the crash.

As we also covered, APD’s internal affairs is investigating the circumstances around the crash. While Chief Medina maintains he ran the red light to escape gunfire on a sidewalk next to him, we shared bodycam footage obtained by a local news station which shows Medina walking around the accident scene, telling his subordinates how to interpret evidence, and cracking jokes about the whole situation.

Image via KRQE/YouTube
Image via KRQE/YouTube

All the news surrounding the crash triggered the city council to weigh a vote of no confidence for the chief of police. Ultimately, last Wednesday they decided to withdraw voting, at least for now.

As covered by KOB, a member of the APD Crash Review Board testified before the city council, claiming Chief Medina’s crash was essentially unavoidable. As many have noted, it’s curious how the investigation and review of the chief’s actions weren’t handed off to another law enforcement agency. That alone has increased skepticism that Medina will face any consequences.

By the way, the APD Crash Review Board already voted unanimously that Chief Medina’s crash was “non-preventable.” So Medina’s subordinates have concluded he in fact did no wrong. Amazing.

It’s still possible the Albuquerque City Council moves ahead on a vote of no confidence for Medina. One member was particularly critical of the chief’s actions, noting that “only one person with all these cars around thought they were in a dangerous situation.”

For anyone hoping that with increased pressure the county or state will step in and review the crash, that bubble was burst recently as well. KRQE reports New Mexico State Police won’t be reviewing the crash and investigation.

The Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office revealed it isn’t taking on the case. Instead, it will be forwarded to another agency, although which one for now is a mystery. That move is supposed be to avoid any accusations of unfairness.

It seems a lawsuit is likely coming as the city, county, and state brace for the fallout. But are the handling things in the best way possible? That’s the big question everyone seems to have an opinion about.

Images via KRQE/YouTube

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