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Are Florida Lakes Just Loaded With Dumped Cars?

We can’t count the number of submerged and later discovered car stories we’ve seen over the years. And while it’s anecdotal, it sure seems like an inordinate number of these come from Florida, leading us to wonder if all the lakes in the state are loaded with vehicles.

Check out a mansion with a submerged garage.

One of the more recent examples comes from Doral’s Airport Lake, which is situated adjacent to CBS Miami’s offices. They covered the news almost on their doorstep as authorities pulled three submerged cars from the waters.

You might think that’s almost a nothing story, but in their coverage CBS Miami casually mentions how authorities pulled another car out of the lake just last August.

We looked that story up and found coverage from the Huffington Post about police pulling “dozens of cars” out of Airport Lake in Doral. It looks like the body of water at least at one time was a popular place to dump vehicles.

People drive cars into water, be it a lake, pond, river, or whatever, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s just straight up insurance fraud. Other times the vehicles have been used in the commission of crimes, even violent offenses, and submerging them is a way to destroy evidence.

 Then there are the sad cases of suicide or people who want to disappear and so they sink their ride.

But why do these cars accumulate so much in Florida waters?

One could blame the whole thing on the meth trade or Florida Man, but what if alligators keep these cars hidden? After all, Floridians know not to go swimming around in lakes randomly since gators are likely lurking in the water. That keeps submerged vehicles just that much more hidden.

Or maybe it’s something else – we don’t know. What theories do you have about the concentration of sunken cars in Florida?

Image via CBS Miami/YouTube

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