There’s something extra special about the EcoBoost Mustang crowd. Like Honda Civic and Volkswagen GTI owners, they have a real chip on their shoulder, driven largely by their having four fewer cylinders than a real muscle car possesses. But reality is a cruel teacher sometimes, and that can take on the shape of an Arkansas state trooper pitting such a driver who thinks they can outrun a cruiser.

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That’s what happens when Trooper Dairren Evans pulls into a gas station behind the Mustang in question after catching the fictitious plate. Instead of just facing the music, this suspect decides he’s about to show what his little pony can do while chancing a felony charge. Not a great plan.

At first it seems like the suspect has a commanding lead on the trooper, but that gets cut down in short order. That can be attributed partially to this guy’s choice in vehicles and partially to his lack of driving skills. The combination isn’t great compared to the trooper who calmly gets behind him and prepares for one brutal PIT.

A smart person would in this moment admit they’re bad at running from the cops and perhaps should’ve sprung for a real muscle car instead of some faux version, pulled over, and just dealt with the now horrible consequences. Instead, this guy chooses pain.

Everyone should realize if they’re going to run from the law, getting pitted is a strong possibility, especially in the state of Arkansas. How anyone doesn’t know that by now is beyond us, but apparently some people are still catching up on that critical piece of information, and we assume this guy was among that group.

Sadly, we don’t get to see it, but the trooper says the Mustang rolled over after it left the road. We do get to see some dirt clods go flying the through the air, so the wreck had to have been pretty violent. And this, dear reader, is why you should just pull over when police try stopping you instead of doing things the hard way.