Aston Martin has revealed the first details of its latest Vanquish, heralding a new era with a revolutionary V12 engine. This advanced powertrain is set to redefine performance standards and showcase Aston Martin’s exceptional engineering prowess.

The V12 to Vanquish Them All
Continuing a 25-year legacy of V12 engines, Aston Martin’s latest creation is its most powerful yet. The new V12 engine delivers an astounding 835PS and 1000Nm of torque, setting a new benchmark in its class. This engine is the result of a complete redesign, focusing on optimizing every aspect of the internal combustion process.

Key Features:

  • Power: 835PS
  • Torque: 1000Nm
  • Design: High gloss herringbone carbon fiber engine cover, enamelled Aston Martin wings
  • Components:
    • Strengthened cylinder block and conrods
    • Redesigned cylinder heads with reprofiled camshafts
    • New intake and exhaust ports
    • Repositioned spark plugs
    • Higher flowrate fuel injectors
    • Higher speed, reduced inertia turbochargers

Engineering Excellence
The new V12 engine features numerous enhancements aimed at maximizing performance and efficiency. The strengthened cylinder block and redesigned cylinder heads improve durability and efficiency, while repositioned spark plugs and new fuel injectors optimize combustion. High-speed turbochargers ensure rapid throttle response, further enhancing the driving experience.

A Masterpiece of Design and Engineering
Every V12 engine is not just a marvel of engineering but also a work of art, featuring a high gloss herringbone carbon fiber engine cover and finished with the iconic enamelled Aston Martin wings. This engine will be handcrafted and available in limited numbers, underscoring its exclusivity and luxurious appeal.

Upcoming Flagship Model
The new V12 engine will debut in Aston Martin’s flagship model, set to launch in late 2024. This model promises to be a dynamic disruptor, combining unparalleled performance with luxurious design.

Aston Martin’s latest V12 engine is a bold statement of the brand’s commitment to emotional engagement and visceral performance. With its exceptional power and meticulous design, this engine will truly vanquish all competitors, continuing the storied legacy of Aston Martin’s V12 bloodline.

Source: Aston Martin
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