I know that people are always claiming things are the best, most fun, or most exciting whenever they post a YouTube video, but when Finnegan says this is the most fun he’s had in a car in a very long time, he’s telling the truth. I know this because he sent a text message telling me so and then I watched the video and it’s awesome. When my buddy Bigun, aka Eric Yost, became one of the owner of Mooresville Dragway we talked about all the plans they had there and this right here was one of them.

This is a rally cross style road coarse on dirt and as you can see this is one hell of a way to have a great time without something fancy. We totally approve and I have instructed both Bigun and Finnegan to hit me up when I need to be there to participate in the shenanigans next time. Watch and tell me you wouldn’t love to be doing this too.

Video Description:

Episode 295 of Mike Finnegan’s Garage is the bomb! Hands-down, this is the most fun I’ve had with cars in a long, long time. We took my 1968 Dodge Charger, aka The Death Metal Charger, to Mooresville Dragway and instead of pointing it straight down the asphalt dragstrip for a few seconds we went round and round a new dirt roadcourse for hours! The 450hp turbocharged Toyota 2JZGE engine and new QA1 front suspension performed flawlessly and aside from a couple of minor fixes to the cooling and air inlet systems, the car just kept going and going like a boss. That’s not all; in this episode we kick off a new giveaway for a vehicle from my personal collection plus other cool prizes. Head over to for your chance to enter to win my 1970 Datsun 510! Two runner-up winners will receive a Wirecare Motorsports wiring kit and six runner-up winners, will receive an autographed FSM Flexfit hat. Official rules can be found at /pages/win-m… and no purchase is necessary to enter. As always, head over to for all of your wiring needs.

Good luck and Thanks for watching! -Finnegan

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