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Camaro Hits House And Sets It On Fire

While the prevailing stereotype is that Ford Mustangs love to crash into crowds of pedestrians, poles, and buildings, we’ve noticed quite a few Camaros also ram into houses. The latest example out of Florida is simultaneously hilarious and sad, mostly because a family was put in danger and their home is now badly damaged.

A city’s police chief hit an innocent man driving in his classic Mustang and has faced zero consequences.

It all unfolded at 1:51 am on April 20 when a call came in about a house on fire in Haines City. When the fire department arrived, it found a Chevy Camaro sticking out of the front of the building, both the muscle car and structure fully engulfed in flames.

The first thought which should go through everyone’s minds is if someone was trapped in the car or house. Thankfully, everyone go out of both before fire crews arrived. But even with the assistance of Pok County Fire Rescue, Haines City Fire Department battled the raging inferno for half an hour before it was extinguished.

Firefighters say the heat from the engine ignited the front of the house. We wonder if there were some ruptured lines, possibly even the fuel, which helped spread the fire rapidly. Either way, it’s great nobody was seriously hurt or worse.

However, we know a lot of people who are cruising around at that time of morning are intoxicated or looking for trouble. If that offends you, it’s time to wake up to reality. A lot of these types of crashes seem to happen in the dead of night, although admittedly not all.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office detained everyone who was in the Camaro, mostly because a deputy was following the muscle car after it sped past the deputy going in the opposite direction, reports WTSP.

The driver, 19-year-old Raciel Martinez, is now facing multiple charges.  

Running from cops is a bad idea, especially when you crash into someone’s home.

Image via Haines City Fire Department/Facebook

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