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Camry Flees Arkansas Trooper And Crashes At A Chick-Fil-A

It used to be the Toyota Camry was mocked by certain auto sites as being slow, boring, and a waste of metal. While we don’t expect everyone gets all hot and bothered about the sedans, we’ve seen suspects use them to smoke Arkansas State Police before. That means this pursuit involving the legendary Trooper Byrd isn’t guaranteed to end in his favor, even though it’s more likely.

Toyota Camry driver mocks Arkansas State Police.

Trooper Byrd spots the Camry speeding on the highway and so he tries a traffic stop, but this person gets off the highway, fakes stopping, then flees on surface streets.

We’re pretty sure it’s a four-banger Camry instead of one of the V6 models, so not sticking to long straightaways where top-end acceleration is going to be a factor is probably a wise move.

Everything happens fast, thanks to a suspect who obviously doesn’t know how to flee from police. While he gets a good gap between him and Trooper Byrd, the guy absolutely wastes it when he swerves into the oncoming traffic lanes to get around slower cars and clips another vehicle.

It’s an amateur move which costs him big, sending the Toyota spinning out off the road, coming to rest right in front of Chick-Fil-A. The only way that could get more Southern would be if the police chase ended at a Waffle House.

The guy bails and runs away on foot, but Trooper Byrd is good and tracks the guy down, even after he snakes through a parking garage, making an arrest. Don’t mess with Trooper Byrd.

It’s amazing how even with videos like this on the internet for everyone to see people still try running from ASP troopers. Sure, a few get away, but a lot of them end up like this suspect, crying like a baby as they’re put into handcuffs.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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