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Can A Cadillac SRX Rumble With A Georgia Trooper?

Of all the things we’ve never wondered about but became instantly curious once the question was posed, we really want to know how a Cadillac SRX does in a police chase. Thankfully someone was dumb enough to use one in an attempt to ditch a Georgia trooper and the dashcam footage sure is interesting.

Nissan Altima driver shoots at pursuing Georgia trooper.

What initiated the traffic stop was the trooper clocking the Caddie going 88 in a 65 mph zone. That’s not some crazy speeding but when a cop is running traffic, you’re going to get pulled over and ticketed for that.

Instead of dealing with the citation, this driver decided it would be wise to make a run for it. But to begin, they pull off the highway and stop on a surface street, then drive away once the trooper gets out of his cruiser.

Now we know this person is an amateur since the real trick is to wait until you can see the whites in the eyes of the cop, then speed away. That means the cop has to run back to the car and get inside, giving you some precious seconds to push your ride like you’re flogging a donkey, at least in this case.

Let’s be honest here, the SRX isn’t some fire-breathing dragon with a snarling V8. If this person were in a CTS-V or ATS-V this might be a more interesting pursuit and the trooper wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Instead, the luxury crossover isn’t that far away when the trooper steps on it and starts giving chase. Plus, it doesn’t exactly rip through the turns our suspect makes. After all, it was designed for 58-year-old empty nester women who have a hairdo similar to Kate Gosselin’s famous style, so it’s not exactly a performance powerhouse.

Still, this suspect gives it a good try but in the end it was all for nothing since they wrecked out into another car trying to fly through a turn. He should’ve just pulled over and taken the ticket.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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