When folks hear that a muscle car, classic, or classic truck has original paint it is usually a good thing. But we sometimes assume that original paint is still shiny and at least pretty good looking. The truth is that there are lots of cars out there with original paint that is NOT shiny. Hell, my 1956 Chevrolet station wagon looks like you drug it out of a field this morning, and doesn’t have a single shiny spot on it. But every body part, with the exception of the hood, has the original paint on it. I doubt mine could be polished back to life, without applying a clear coat. But what if the paint was in better shape, without much surface rust or chalking? Could it be polished back to life? Or at least improved upon?

In the video below, Dan from DD Speed Shop is going at the paint on a 1957 Chevrolet that still has original paint on it. I want to see just how this turns out and I’m sure you do too.

Video Description:

Last video we stripped all the hand lettering off the 1957 Chevy. We caused a little damage that required a little paint work and some buffing. I blended in a little paint then “patina’d” it up before giving the whole car a nice buffing. It always amazes me how 60 year old original paint shines up so nice.

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