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Can You Identify This 80s Car Pulled Out Of A River?

People love watching videos of cars being pulled out of their watery graves. There’s something fascinating about seeing a vehicle which has been hidden away for years or even decades emerging from the depths of a lake or river, like a secret treasure and a huge mystery both uncovered. But sometimes the cars are so badly degraded they’re difficult to identify, like the one in the included video.

Learn how to escape a sinking car.

The guys at AdamBrownAdventures got a tip about a submerged vehicles in the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, Georgia so they went to explore and see if they could pluck one out. But first they had to clear a tree from the pathway to the sketchy spot by the river.

Using a boat and sonar device, they troll around and identify some spots where they think some cars are submerged. The improved technology has helped create a recent boom in underwater vehicle finds.

It’s just a matter of suiting up in scuba gear and swimming down into the murky waters to see firsthand what’s hidden from plain view. Once they lock onto a specific ride, the driver hooks up straps and they use a tow truck to start hoisting it out.

Even with scuba gear on it’s difficult to entirely see the vehicle as it’s below the water. So as the murky form gradually rises to the surface and the rusting mess is pulled onto the shore, the process is like unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, only maybe a little more exciting.

The real surprise is when the hunk of metal comes out of the river it’s obviously only about half of the vehicle. What happened to the rest is a mystery, but it makes identifying the model a little difficult.

They quickly ascertain it’s a Chevy thanks to the emblem on the steering wheel. But the big question is what’s the production year and model?

Do you have any idea? Check out the video and see the details of the car’s remains.

Image via AdamBrownAdventures/YouTube

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