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Car Slams Into Home During Police Chase, Setting It On Fire

One of the risks most people don’t think about when criminals flee from police at high speeds is that they can destroy someone’s home. Usually, we think about suspects crashing into another car, hitting a pedestrian, or other tragedies. But just like what recently happened in South Los Angeles, sometimes they crash into homes and leave families with nothing.

Police chase comes to an electrifying conclusion.

It happened just after 1 am on May 25, says NBCLA. Surveillance footage from a business next door shows the car, which was fleeing police, barrel right into the first level of a house. The family barely had time to grab their child and get out.

Four people were inside the car. They couldn’t get the doors open but somehow got out before the fire engulfed the vehicle and building. Police caught them and made one arrest. We wonder how long it will be before they lead police on yet another chase like this.

That family describes hearing liquid gushing out of the car shortly before something ignited. Likely the gas tank ruptured, which explains why the fire spread so quickly. If you’ve ever seen a gas fire ignite in person, you know they go fast.

Unfortunately, this means the family not only lost their home but also everything they own. The landlord is putting them up in a hotel for a week, but after that they have nowhere to go.

This is the real cost of criminals thinking they can drive at breakneck speeds to ditch police. We know some people want to blame the cops for this behavior, but the funny thing is the vast majority of citizens don’t lead police on high-speed chases.

We might not always agree with how police treat us, especially when we get a citation, but we also understand running at 100-plus mph through city streets is selfish and dumb. Crashes like this can alter lives, even end them, and for what?

Image via NBCLA/YouTube

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