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Car Thieves Use Tow Truck To Steal Alfa Romeo Spider

Surveillance footage at a Dania Beach, Florida liquor store shows thieves using a tow truck to steal a 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider. Now the owner of the Italian convertible, who also happens to own the liquor store, is offering a reward for its return.

Tow truck used to steal cars in St. Louis.

Anyone who helps find the stolen car stands to collect $1,000 cash. Plus, you get to help take a bite out of the stolen car black market. We’d do it for free.

According to local news station WSVN, Broward County deputies tracked down the two car thieves from that surveillance video and arrested them. This is why having cameras up around your property is a good idea.

They might not always scare away thieves, but if they record in high definition, police can often get enough clues to find and arrest anyone who does steal your ride.

However, it seems the thieves aren’t talking, meaning police don’t know where the Alfa Romeo ended up. It’s possible the car was sold to a chop shop, and since those are often run by drug cartels the pieces of it could be anywhere.

But there’s also the possibility the Spider is whole and somewhere else, maybe in another state. The owner wants to track it down and we hope he finds success.

This case also highlights the value in having a GPS tracker or two on your vehicle. One can even be an Apple AirTag, which are small and easy to hide just about anywhere. Had this owner put trackers on his Alfa Romeo, it could have led to its recovery or at least the busting of a chop shop, if that’s where it ended up.

Remember, thieves want to steal your ride, even if it’s not very nice. Take steps to secure it and make a recovery if it is stolen.

Image via WSVN

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