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Its not entirely clear why, but California Highway Patrol investigators believe a wrong-way driver who collided head-on with a parked CHP cruiser did so intentionally. CHP is calling this a violent act.

C6 Corvette crashes big in California.

The crash happened on the afternoon of March 13 as the CHP cruiser was parked on the shoulder of I-80 eastbound, reportedly in the Woodland area. The two officers in the cruiser had just performed a traffic stop on a suspect when someone driving the wrong way on the shoulder slammed into their car head-on.

That collision was caught on a travelers dashcam and was turned over to CHP, which shared that clip on its official Facebook page. Weve shared that video so you can see just how fast the suspect is going in that wrong-way car and how hard the collision is.

Thankfully, both officers were wearing their seatbelts. It might sound dumb, but if youre on the shoulder of a road you should be strapped in since a car going fast could hit you at any time. Both officers were treated for injuries, both minor and major, at a hospital.

 As for the other driver, he was taken into custody and from what CHP says theyre going to get hit with any charges possible. Investigators believe this was a case of someone trying to harm police or worse.

While we understand how much trouble law enforcement officers can cause when theyre careless, nave, or even worse acting maliciously, we dont believe the solution is taking anger about such cases out on police in general.

If anything, attacks on police can have a negative effect on how officers behave toward the public, making those problems worse. We really should be working to do the exact opposite.

Images via California Highway Patrol/Facebook

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