Four years after its market introduction, Citroën Ami is undergoing a transformation and adopting a new “Night Sepia” livery, a raw dark brown that adds more substance and strength without losing its unique character. Since April 2020, nearly 50,000 Citroën Ami vehicles have been sold across 14 markets—it’s a true social phenomenon that has changed the landscape of urban and peri-urban mobility. Citroën Ami has forever been the first to address the challenges of micro-mobility and energy transition with an affordable, innovative electric vehicle, usable in some countries from the age of 14 without a driver’s license, two-seater, safe, and comfortable.

For the occasion, its range is evolving. Citroën Ami retains the best of the Tonic and Pop versions to create a new one, the Peps, which features an attractive style made of contrasts, colour touches, and graphics as well as clever accessories to enhance everyday life. Furthermore, always attentive to its customers, Citroën has evolved its Cargo version to the benefit of a module called My Cargo Kit, proposed as an accessory, which offers greater versatility of use for Ami. There’s no longer a need to sacrifice the passenger seat. The customer can choose between transporting a passenger or deploying this module that provides a practical and easy-to-set-up loading volume.

A New Colour: Night Sepia
On its fourth anniversary, Ami is dressed in a new body colour replacing the original blue, which will apply across the entire range. Dyed in the mass, the new colour called Night Sepia is a dark brown that lends presence to Ami and a whole new personality. This darker shade, somewhere between brown and gray, provides more depth and quality to Ami while playing with warm and natural registers. It’s a versatile colour, perfectly matching the various colour animations and stickers that Ami can offer. This brown creates an ambiance that is both elegant and relaxed, depending on how it is combined with other colours and materials.

An Evolving Range Introducing a New Version, My Ami Peps
Citroën is evolving its range by introducing the My Ami Peps version, a high-end version that combines the best of the Pop and Tonic versions. This version complements the entry-level Ami Ami and the mid-range versions My Ami Orange, Grey, or Blue. On the outside, My Ami Peps is a dynamic version of Ami, ready to weave through traffic while playfully resembling a small sports car. It also adopts elements of urban ruggedness. The Peps version features a very expressive front end with a black graphic band under the windshield animated by sharp yellow horizontal stickers, as well as black headlight rims. Its dynamism is expressed through the rear spoiler, its four floral-design wheel covers with white decorations, the two custode stickers, and two lower door stickers.

These highly contrasting decor elements rely on bright colours like the very energetic Infrared red and a very punchy yellow. They highlight distinctive geometric shapes reminiscent of the world of video games. The number 2 is a nod to the number found on race cars. At the level of the custode, the circle, treated by half, one full and the other filigree, reinforces the graphic style and echoes the round shapes of the car as well as the round headlights. It is echoed by the circle placed on the capsule at the bottom of the doors. Attention to detail, at the bottom of the capsule, the stripes recall the Citroën chevrons and resonate with the motifs subtly placed on the black front band.

Inside My Ami Peps, the user will find all the standard equipment that makes daily life easier with functional accessories such as the smartphone clip, door nets animated with an orange band, the central separation net, the yellow bag hook, the three orange storage bins. The interior is also animated by the two opening straps and stitching on the floor mats in orange colour. The “My Connect box” connectivity unit allows connecting one’s smartphone with Ami to access all its data (available range, mileage, maintenance alerts…). For infotainment, it offers the “My Ami Play” interface that transforms the smartphone into a dashboard with quick access to navigation, music, radio, or phone calls. They are remotely controlled by the “Citroën Switch” button to be positioned on the steering wheel to keep eyes on the road and drive serenely, in complete safety.

My Cargo Kit: An Ingenious Modular Kit for Unprecedented Versatility
Inspired by professionals and their working methods, Citroën has decided to evolve its My Ami Cargo version to the benefit of an after-sale modular kit. Allowing to preserve the second seat in Ami’s cabin, this new accessory enables an easy conversion between an optimized loading space and the possibility to accommodate a passenger, thus offering unmatched flexibility. This innovation reflects our desire to offer adaptable solutions, meeting a wide range of mobility needs and professional uses.

This kit deploys very easily in a few movements. A first part composed of 2 panels unfolds vertically to separate the driver’s area and the passenger area, thus preventing a package from tipping over to the driver’s side. A second part composed of 4 panels unfolds over the passenger seat, from the backrest to the footwell, to offer a practical loading surface protecting the seat. Finally, an occluding net is available. It extends from the top of the seat back to the dashboard to hide the packages stored in the storage space.

My Cargo Kit allows for hassle-free loading of different types of packages in the context of last-mile delivery or any other activity. Its access is very easy thanks to the opening angle of the door. It allows loading up to 200 liters under the storage net, with a total volume of 340 liters throughout the vehicle. At any time, the three elements that make up this kit can be folded and placed behind the seat in a dedicated pouch to comfortably enjoy a journey with two people.

My Cargo Kit is the ideal solution to support professionals by offering them increased versatility.

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