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Cop Car Catches Fire Chasing Fleeing Dodge Challenger

This is a wild chase!

There’s something special about Arkansas police chases. They just hit different and we can debate all day long whether it’s the way the cops or the criminals are in the state, but maybe it’s both combined. But even among all the crazy chase footage that comes out of the Natural State, this chase involving a fleeing black Dodge Challenger stands out.

Who trashed this Porsche and why?

First of all, one of the pursuing police Dodge Chargers catches fire during the chase sequence. We say sequence because it’s more like something out of a movie than even most police chases. As the suspects snake through residential streets to try ditching the pursuing Little Rock officers, they go into an area with those annoying speed humps and that’s where the trouble begins.

From the police Ford Explorer we get a good portion of the dashcam footage, we see the lead Charger bottom out big time after going over the speed hump a little too fast. Lots of white smoke starts pouring of the cruiser, making it hard for the officer in the Explorer to see anything. But as the Charger pulls over, we can see some flames underneath it.

After the chase keeps winding through the streets of Little Rock with what seems to be a growing number of police units jumping in, we see that Charger again, only the front end is engulfed in flames. The whole scene is surreal, like those apocalyptic movie scenes.

But the chase goes on and on as the suspects in the Challenger keep pushing the muscle car to get away. Eventually, they push until their driving skills and understanding of the Mopar give out and the Dodge wrecks into a barrier most gloriously, destroying the front end.

The guys who were inside didn’t wait, they took off on foot. One is caught easily and surprise, he had a gun in his pocket. And people wonder why police are so on edge when someone runs from them.

Check out the whole chase – it’s wild and worth a watch or two.

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