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Cop Catches Man Brushing His Teeth While Criminally Speeding

One of the most entertaining cops on the internet, Deputy Frank Sloup of Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, is back at it again in his Fridays With Frank web series. The latest installment dropped with quite the shocking first encounter as Deputy Sloup told a man caught criminally speeding to “man up and swallow.”

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Context is everything and in this case it sure clarifies what Sloup meant. The guy was apparently brushing his teeth while allegedly going over 80 mph. Who even does that? Apparently, someone who once stopped by a cop hurriedly opens up their door, almost getting shot.

Deputy Sloup did let speedy spit his toothpaste out, although that’s when he said that sometimes in life one has to “man up and swallow” instead of almost getting shot by law enforcement. That’s wise advice.

The guy also apparently had an expired registration on his out of state tags, so we’re guessing he’s a snowbird visiting Arizona to get away from frigid temperatures in his hometown. We wonder if people brush their teeth while driving there?  

While that traffic stop was bad, Deputy Sloup in his unmarked Dodge Charger Hellcat caught another driver who was speeding and apparently has another recent violation. She couldn’t even be bothered to pull off the road, then when prompted to do so pulled off at quite the oblique angle.

Image via Pinal County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook
Image via Pinal County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

With that stop, we have yet another example of how bad at driving some people are. We often wonder if tests to get and keep and license shouldn’t be at least a little more rigorous.

If you want a hilarious and yet scary example of how bad people are at maneuvering their cars, hang out somewhere with parallel parking. The number of drivers who try pulling in nose first will shake your faith in humanity.

Thankfully, Deputy Sloup takes this all in stride while providing stern counsel all without losing his temper. The man is a national treasure.

Images via Pinal County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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