Getting behind on car payments is certainly a stressful situation, especially when you’ve suffered a crisis which put you in the financial pinch. But the last thing you want to do is attack the repo man if he shows up to take your ride, something a cop has been accused of doing.

Guy pulls a gun on the repo man and immediately regrets it.

Video of the police officer stabbing and shooting at the repo man who showed up at a shopping center went viral. According to Jakarta Globe, the attack happened in Palembang, Indonesia on March 23 with the video shocking many.

Allegedly, the police officer hasn’t made payments on his Toyota Avanza since sometime in 2022. The report also cites a police source claiming the officer put a fake license plate on the car to hide it from the repo agency.

According to the report, the officer at first brandishes a handgun, then fires a shot, barely missing the repo man. He then reportedly used a knife to attack the repo agent, although that allegedly wasn’t filmed.

However, the victim is apparently recovering in a hospital for stab wounds to his shoulders and arms. Considering the situation, he’s lucky to be alive.

As for the police officer, he’s on the run from his own colleagues. Considering he knows how they operate, he might be able to stay one step ahead of the manhunt, at least for a while.

With many falling behind on their car payments not only in North America but elsewhere, car repossessions seem to be on the rise. If you find yourself in that situation, the worst thing you can do is turn to violence. Adding criminal charges to your financial problems will only make life that much more difficult.

Image via Jakarta Globe

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