Being a cop puts a target on your back with some of the worst elements of society. Unfortunately, one never knows which people during a routine situation will suddenly turn violent. But even when doing a risky maneuver like a PIT, the danger can escalate dramatically and things take an even more vicious turn. Thats exactly what this New Mexico trooper faced in the town of Edgewood after he pitted two suspects for alleged drug use in a gas station bathroom.

Watch a trooper PIT a fleeing Nissan into a church.

At first the trooper responds to a call from the gas station attendant who suspected a woman who was taking a long time in the restroom was in fact doing drugs. She claims that after the woman finally emerged there was burnt aluminum foil in the garbage can. If you know, you know.

With that information in hand, the trooper pulled up behind the Cadillac the woman and her male friend were sitting inside. Hed probably done something like this dozens of times, possibly hundreds or maybe more. But this time was a little different than most others because the man who was in the drivers seat threw the car into gear, ramming the troopers cruiser.

After doing a 15-point turn, the driver jumped the curb and drove the Cadillac through an empty lot to the road. Chasing them down, the trooper was able to catch up, then performed a beautiful PIT to spin the Caddie out.

And thats when all hell breaks loose.

Literally one second into the bodycam footage one of the suspect starts firing at the trooper, reportedly with an AK-style rifle. The trooper returns fire with his sidearm but is hit in the neck. Eventually, he retreats behind a barrier on the other side of the road and the suspects flee by foot.

Shot in the neck, the trooper retrieves his AR from the trunk in case the suspects return to finish him off. Still, the guy is in obvious pain.  

Thankfully the trooper in this video didnt die and the suspects didnt come back to have another gunfight. Instead, thanks to a tip SWAT was able to pay the man and woman a nice visit at their house. You get to see that and the male suspect whine about how hes actually the victim in the whole situation. Predictable.  

Because of the obvious graphic nature of this video, it is age restricted, meaning youll have to watch it on YouTube. This gives anyone who isnt a cop a better appreciation for how quickly things can turn downright deadly during a tactical vehicle intervention and why those wearing the badge act so aggressively when ordering suspects out of the car.