Sadly, the Dodge Charger is a favorite among the criminal element in many areas. Sure, not everyone who drives them are criminals, but there’s no denying that drug dealers, car thieves, and other miscreants are drawn to them like moths to a flame.

Dodge Charger chase is loaded with close calls.

Perhaps that’s why this North Little Rock, Arkansas officer focused on the red Dodge Charger you see at the beginning of the dashcam footage we’re sharing. Or it might have been that the car was stolen and he got a hit from a plate reader – we don’t have the police report so we can’t say for sure.

What we do know is the ensuing chase doesn’t end well.

After the officer gets to within a hundred feet or so of the Charger, the other driver just takes off, blasting through a stop sign. If the officer wasn’t already getting ready to pull the Mopar muscle car over, that definitely solidified his resolve.

However, the suspect doesn’t just give up without a fight. He drops the hammer, catching some air in an intersection, gapping the cop in an effort to lose his pursuer.

Determined to catch up, the officer guns it as well. The only problem is he misjudges the position of his cruiser on the narrow residential street. As he tries shooting the gap between two cars parked on opposite sides of the road, he sideswipes what appears to be an old Toyota RAV4, snapping off the side mirror.

Despite the impact, the officer keeps going lights and sirens but the pursuit is a lost cause. He still keeps going for a bit, maybe hoping the suspect will wreck out, but such isn’t his luck.

Coming up emptyhanded, the only thing the officer can do is return to the scene of his crash and deal with the consequences.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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