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Corvette Driver Narrowly Escapes Truck Assault By Nude Man

An Indiana Corvette driver narrowly escaped disaster when a nude man in a pickup truck slammed into the sports car. The attack was obviously deliberate, as can be seen clearly on surveillance footage.

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The victim told local news station WTHI he and his girlfriend had just arrived home from the casino when he saw a man in a pickup pull up to the driveway. Sensing something was wrong, the victim put his handgun in his front pocket and got out of the ‘Vette to see who it was.

That’s when the aggressor “let out some sort of battle cry” and floored it, hitting the Corvette at full force. The victim barely had time to jump out of the way of the truck’s front end, otherwise he likely would’ve been killed on impact.

As you can see in the footage, which we’ve included from the WTHI report, the pickup mangled the Corvette and pushed it several feet, so the impact had an incredible amount of force. And while the victim broke his shin, he was able to pull out his gun and return fire, mag dumping the aggressor.

Considering the guy in the truck obviously was trying to kill him, we don’t blame the Corvette driver one bit. After all, used improperly cars, trucks, and SUVs are deadly weapons. Trying to kill someone with your vehicle warrants an in-kind response.

As if all that wasn’t weird or disturbing enough, the guy who was driving the truck only had his birthday suit on. We’re thinking this was a narcotic and/or mental health episode. That doesn’t make it any less scary.

This is why we tell people to always be aware of their surroundings, especially as they get in and out of their car and when they arrive home. Many attacks happen in those moments.

Images via WTHI-TV

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