Success Amplified
The new CUPRA Formentor builds upon the triumph of its predecessor, maintaining its status as the company’s bestseller and Europe’s top-selling A-CUV. With over 120,000 deliveries worldwide last year, representing a remarkable 23% increase over 2022, the Formentor continues to redefine automotive success for the brand.

Design Obsession
Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA, attributes the brand’s record-breaking achievements to the distinct design philosophy embodied in the Formentor. The new model epitomizes CUPRA’s commitment to design innovation, setting it apart from the competition and solidifying its unique identity.

Powertrain Prowess
Versatility is key in the new Formentor’s powertrain lineup, catering to diverse preferences with options ranging from petrol (TSI), mild hybrid (eTSI), diesel (TDI), to plug-in hybrid (eHybrid). With eight powertrain configurations offering outputs from 150PS to 333PS, the Formentor ensures performance meets efficiency across the board.

VZ Variants
At the pinnacle of the Formentor lineup are the VZ variants, embodying speed and agility with powertrains reaching up to 333PS. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies like torque splitter technology and optional Akebono brakes, these variants redefine the driving experience with racetrack optimization.

Sensational Design
From its captivating exterior to its meticulously crafted interior, the new Formentor captivates with its sporty aesthetic and sustainability focus. Signature CUPRA design elements like the shark-nose front end and triangular matrix LED headlights accentuate its bold presence, while the interior seamlessly blends sportiness with eco-conscious materials and digital technologies.

Advanced Safety & Convenience
The Formentor boasts a suite of advanced driver assistance systems, including Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control, Travel Assist, and Emergency Assist, ensuring unparalleled safety and convenience. These features, coupled with a robust chassis engineered for dynamic performance, elevate the Formentor’s driving experience to new s.

Elevating Expectations
With its blend of performance, design, and cutting-edge technologies, the new CUPRA Formentor aims to surpass expectations, solidifying CUPRA’s position as a leader in the automotive industry. As the brand continues to push boundaries and redefine standards, the Formentor stands as a testament to CUPRA’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

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