Every time you pickup another vehicle that has been sitting for decades, there are some pretty standard things you have to address. To run, any internal combustion engine needs fuel, air, and spark, so making sure that those three systems are working are key. But in order to make sure each of those is working there are some differences depending on the ride. And lots of the potential issues that can cause a lack of fuel or spark can be attributed to electrical systems and those can be hard to diagnose sometimes. The point is that sometimes it takes more love than you might think to make something run and drive after years of sitting.

Thankfully there is a lot of love to give at Vice Grip Garage and that love makes most things run and drive home, regardless of how long they have been sitting. Will the love work this time though? This Jeep might put up a fight.

Video Description:

A guy finally bought his first Jeep! The “wrong year wrangler”! We needed something to tow behind our old RV, so the obligatory Jeep was acquired. I bought this old wrangler out of North Carolina and had it towed back to my shop where my Son and I will attempt to repair it, and hopefully it start, run, and drive once again!

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