Los Angeles is a crazy place these days, something YouTuber effspot reminds us about often. While he’s regularly uploading videos that show all the NPC-like behavior one would expect to see in a Grand Theft Auto game, which we usually just laugh off, sometimes there are things that really make us do a double take. Seeing a busted up Porsche 911 GT3 sitting on the side of the road not only does that, it makes us want to cry uncontrollably.

Watch a guy in a donk try to run from the cops.

That’s right, a ride many would list as a dream car has been brutally battered. While it looks just fine at first, as effspot walks around to the driver’s side you can immediately see the side mirror has been bent and knocked off the door and the fenders, door, even the roof are dimpled, rippled, and otherwise damaged.

We think the assailant used a baseball bat. Some of the strikes feature zero paint damage, so those would be done with the side of the bat. Others are smaller, deeper, and feature flecked off paint, so those would have been inflicted by the end of the bat. Don’t ask us how we know the difference.

As for the culprit, we’re going to say an angry ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. While it’s possible the GT3 is driven by a woman, let’s be honest, almost all of these are owned by highly successful men. The ex likely know how much he loves the car, so she decided to hurt him to hurting it. And we know a lot of gearheads would love to return the favor, even though they’re not the owner of the Porsche.

The fact someone could damage such a beautiful machine, for whatever reason, is enough to make us sick. Just what is this world coming to? Or at least, what’s Los Angeles coming to these days? Real life monsters walk among us and they carry baseball bats.

Tell us what you think was used to damage this car, who did it, and why. Also, grab a box of tissues before watching the video because it’s a real tearjerker.