You ever trade a car or truck and then have trader’s remorse? Where you start wondering if you made the right decision? Sometimes it hits you right away upon leaving the trade sight, and other times it is after you get home and really start looking at what you’ve got. It’s happened to all of us, but most of the time it all works out. This 1974 Camaro that Derek at Vice Grip Garage had is not the nicest car around, that’s for sure. But when he and Kevin Tetz were talking about it the topic of a trade came around and soon they were making it a thing. So did it work out to be a good deal? Or is this thing way worse than Kevin thought?

Video Description:

Derek Bieri of @vicegripgarage traded me this 74 Camaro for some other stuff ( that actually ran! ) You know I have a huge weakness for 2nd Gen Camaros like ZedSled, and Mr Freeze and the abandoned crappy ones always seem to find me… has all kinds of tutorials on restoration, but I don’t know if i can bring this one back. This car is special, its a 74 with the good back glass, just like the 70-73’s so the potential is there if the structure is sound…. Watch and see if it’s worth saving. ( spoiler alert… they’re ALL worth saving and this one is gonna get saved again! the 4th time by my account…) maybe It’ll end up a restored 74 ( not) maybe it’ll be another split-bumper LS powered clone…. Maybe a turbo 6 cylinder… you’ll have to watch and see.

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