Okay, this is pretty cool right here. I’m a Chevrolet guy to the core, but my favorite body style of Mustang is the fastback and particularly the 1967 and 1968 models. So when I saw this video showing converting a notch to a fastback I had to check it out. To do this complete transformation in just three days seems crazy but when you watch the video you see just how this all goes together.

Check it out and see if you think you could pull this off in three days too.

Video Description:

In this video we set out to convert a coupe to a fastback in a weekend. This was a father/son project car that I teamed up to help convert to a fastback. What a great experience! I wasn’t building their dream car…WE WERE. I’m much more interested in building a dream WITH someone rather than FOR someone. I’d do it again.

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