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Dodge Challenger Challenges Arkansas State Police

Even for Arkansas troopers, a Mopar muscle car going WOT can be hard to catch, especially when they’re a Scat Pack or Hellcat. They’re so powerful and fast that if the cop spots them already speeding, catching up is hard to do.

This is the Hellcat’s greatest enemy.

That’s exactly the challenge this Arkansas State Police trooper faces as a Dodge Challenger goes flying by at 81 mph in a 45 mph zone in Pine Bluff. Already, the trooper is being outpaced and once he switches on his emergency lights in the dashcam video, you see the suspect really take off.

In fact, it’s hard to even make out the Mopar since it’s so far ahead. Just keep in mind the human eye sees better than these cameras, so the trooper is able to spot the car longer than you can in the footage.

But even he loses sight of the suspect vehicle once it gets far enough down the two-lane road. He’s chasing a ghost and some people would think he should just shut off his lights and sirens, taking the L.

Instead, he pushes on, letting experience and training guide him versus the comment section on YouTube. He comments over the radio that he thinks the Challenger wrecked out at a T-intersection where the road he’s on terminates.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube
Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

And when he reaches that intersection his suspicion is confirmed. See, you might be able to press down on an accelerator, but a good driver that doesn’t make you. In fact, that’s not skilled at all. Being able to stick a turn, understanding how to safely enter it and exits at maximum speed is what separates real racers from punks who think public roads are tracks.

The Challenger driver sent the muscle car flying off the road, disabling it. And as the trooper comes along the suspect runs away, falling down. Not only can’t he drive right, he can’t even run properly. Pathetic.

Images via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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