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Dodge Challenger Owner Claims Valet Stole, Crashed His Muscle Car

Between valets taking cars for spins and wrecking them and thieves stealing vehicles from valet services, we sometimes wonder why anyone uses them anymore. The latest installment in this ongoing trend comes out of Atlanta where a Dodge Challenger owner claims a valet stole then crashed his muscle car.

Audi RS7 stolen from valet who stole it and took it to a car meet.

After dropping his Challenger off at the valet at a downtown Atlanta hotel back in 2022, the owner says a valet attendant stole it, going on a joyride and eventually crashing some 40 miles away.

Hotel staff apparently alerted him to the theft. He told local news station WSB that the attendant did donuts on a public road, damaging the engine so the Mopar muscle car wouldn’t start. It was “fairly brand new” at the time, so that was a real blow.

The owner sent photos of the aftermath to WSB, saying the damages cost thousands to repair. That person also told the news station the company that owns the valet service sent a check to cover the costs after he took it to court and won damages, but that check was bad.

Funny enough, the company which owns the valet service owns another one where a Rolls-Royce was stolen not that long ago. Does this mean a pattern is forming?

Unfortunately, we see valet theft cases often, although most involve a thief stealing keys from the valet pedestal, not attendants swiping vehicles while on the job. But the latter does happen.

What enthusiasts are left to decide is if handing the keys over to their beloved ride for the perceived security and car of a valet service is in fact a good idea. We know some do this because of concerns with parking just anywhere, but if the attendants are going to steal your ride it might not be a good solution at all.

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