Dodge is embarking on a revolutionary journey in automotive history with the global debut of the all-new four-door Dodge Charger, marking the brand’s foray into electric muscle cars and multi-energy powertrains.

Igniting a New Era
The all-new Dodge Charger heralds a new age of automotive muscle, combining electrification with the brand’s legendary performance. Leading the charge is the groundbreaking 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona Scat Pack, the world’s first all-electric muscle car, delivering a staggering 670 horsepower. This electrifying beast is expected to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.3 seconds, with a quarter-mile time of approximately 11.5 seconds. Joining the lineup is the 496-horsepower 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona R/T, offering a compelling fusion of power and efficiency.

Unparalleled Performance
The four-door variant of the all-new Dodge Charger boasts standard all-wheel drive across all models, providing enhanced traction and performance. Performance enthusiasts can choose from a range of powertrain options, including the 550-horsepower Dodge Charger SIXPACK H.O. and the 420-horsepower Dodge Charger SIXPACK S.O., powered by the potent 3.0L Twin Turbo Hurricane engine.

Production Plans
Production of the electrifying four-door Dodge Charger Daytona Scat Pack and R/T models is slated to commence in the first quarter of 2025 at the Windsor Assembly Plant. This strategic move aligns with Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, emphasizing electrification and efficiency to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Pioneering Electric Muscle
The all-new Dodge Charger marks a significant milestone as the world’s first fully electrified muscle car, introducing the STLA Large platform and setting new standards in performance and sustainability. With a potent 400V propulsion system, advanced regenerative braking, and customizable performance levels, the Charger redefines the essence of muscle cars for the modern era.

Unleashing Next-Gen Performance
The four-door Dodge Charger embodies the essence of muscle car DNA, offering a host of performance features such as PowerShot mode, high-performance brakes, adaptive suspension, and various drive modes. With its distinctive design, cutting-edge technology, and uncompromising performance, the Charger sets a new benchmark for electrified muscle cars.

Purified Exterior Design
The exterior design of the all-new Dodge Charger exudes muscularity and sophistication, with a modern interpretation of classic muscle car aesthetics. From the patent-pending front R-Wing to the distinctive LED lighting signatures, every detail reflects the Charger’s legacy of power and performance.

Interior With Attitude
Inside the cabin, the Charger combines modernity with attitude, featuring a dynamic instrument panel, premium materials, and advanced technology. The driver-focused cockpit offers an immersive driving experience, with customizable ambient lighting, a performance-oriented steering wheel, and innovative storage solutions.

Immersive, One-Touch User Experience
The user experience in the all-new Dodge Charger is redefined through intuitive infotainment systems, immersive lighting, and innovative features such as the One-button Press Experience and Attitude Adjustment interior lighting. With seamless connectivity, advanced driver assistance systems, and customizable performance settings, the Charger offers a truly immersive driving experience.

Muscle-Car Range and Rejuvenation
Despite its electrified powertrain, the Dodge Charger maintains impressive range and performance. With estimated ranges of over 260 miles for the Daytona Scat Pack and more than 317 miles for the Daytona R/T, the Charger offers the perfect blend of performance and efficiency. Additionally, the Charger comes equipped with advanced safety features, including Forward Collision Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Active Lane Management, ensuring a safe and exhilarating driving experience.

Embracing the Future of Muscle Cars
With the all-new four-door Dodge Charger, Dodge is pioneering the future of muscle cars, combining electrifying performance with cutting-edge technology and uncompromising design. As the automotive landscape evolves, the Charger remains at the forefront, setting new standards in performance, innovation, and sustainability.

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