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Dodge Charger Drives Down NYC Sidewalk To Avoid The Cops

Crazy police chases happen all over the place, including dense metropolitan areas. We’ve seen a fair number of chases in New York City, but one captured on film in Manhattan involving a Dodge Charger speeding down a sidewalk has shocked a lot of people on social media.

Man in Washington gets cited for chasing his own stolen truck.

The chase in question snaked through parts of NYC’s East Village on the afternoon of Saturday, May 4. With so many people in the area, quite a few saw when the Charger drove up onto a sidewalk, with one person recording the whole thing on their phone.

A video of the incident, taken by a pedestrian who was fortunately not in the pathway of the Mopar muscle car, shows everything unfold. A suspect who was fleeing NYP came up to a red light with a wall of stopped cars.

That person decided to angle onto the sidewalk and blast down it. Pedestrians had to dodge out of the way of the Charger, just like a scene from a crazy action movie.

After getting into the intersection, the muscle car veers back into the road, only it was reportedly a one-way and the Charger was going the wrong direction, says EV Grieve.

The report claims a few blocks later, the suspect or suspects ditched the Dodge and took off on foot. A second video posted to Instagram shows the Charger being carted off by a tow truck, seemingly corroborating that story.

Now check out the video of the Dodge Charger blasting down the sidewalk. Whoever recorded it has nerves of steel, because the car easily could’ve continued on the sidewalk where they were standing. They also have a steady hand and great concept of framing a subject, unlike so many who take videos of chaotic events.

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