It seems like general lawlessness has been trending in far too many cities lately. What started out as growing property crime, like car thefts, has ramped up to open violence. A shocking example out of the Atlanta area came recently as two drivers exchanged gunfire while traveling down the interstate.

Watch a trooper take down a cop car in a dramatic chase.

It happened on southbound I-215 in DeKalb County at about 8 pm on March 23.

A long haul truck driver caught the action on his dashcam as both cars sped past him. One came around on the right shoulder, the other blasting down the left lane. As the first car came back into the right lane, you can see muzzle flashes as the two drivers shoot at each other.

As reported by 11Alive, police responded to the scene and looked for both vehicles, but they were long gone. You can see in the dashcam footage right after the shooting the vehicle on the right exits the interstate and the other car follows.

Thankfully, no other drivers or passengers were hit by errant bullets.

People are of course speculating about what would cause two drivers to get into a gunfight in the middle of the interstate. It could be anything from road rage to gang warfare. Without police being able to figure out who was involved, for now its a mystery.

As a reminder, if you are driving down the road and another driver starts raging at you, the best defense you have is to not engage or get aggressive. Slow down, hang back, dont make eye contact, and see if the other driver will take off, leaving you alone. If that doesnt work, call 911, drive to a nearby police station, and get help from law enforcement.

Image via 11Alive/YouTube

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