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Even Paradise Suffers From Carjackings

It seems like carjackings happen just about everywhere these days, including in paradise. That shocking reality hit many when news of a shocking armed carjacking on the island of Maui in Hawaii was revealed recently. A tourist couple had to literally run for their lives, hide, and hike to avoid a horrific fate.

Dramatic dashcam footage shows Georgia deputies chase down a 14-year-old carjacking suspect.

While many carjackings happen quickly and the thieves just want the vehicle, it’s not always that way. Alex and Justina Lucero of California learned this the hard way. As they were driving down a narrow, rural road on the island, a truck blocked the way.

After the couple stopped, a man got out and held them at gunpoint. He ordered them to leave their phones and other valuables in the vehicle, then run down the road.

They sprinted away, but hearing the guy coming after them in their rental car, they decided to leave the road and hike up the steep mountainside. As they did, they heard the carjacker yelling threats at them, making his intentions to do them harm or worse clear.

As the couple hiked up the mountain, hiding from their pursuer below, they noticed two other cars arrived as the carjacker’s accomplices joined in. The criminals even launched a drone to search for their victims, so these guys meant business.

For over a day, the couple hiked and hid until they finally found help from some park rangers. It sounds like an awful ordeal. While it’s not typical of every carjacking, this is why we don’t treat the crimes as casually as some suggest.

Thankfully in this case authorities immediately zeroed in on a suspect and he was found driving the same kind of car the couple had as a rental.

Image via KHON2 News/YouTube

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