I’m glad that John Jackson was on hand to cover the Lonestar Deluxe show in Texas City, because I’ve always heard that this one is something special. In its 11th year, the following clearly just keep growing. With hundreds of custom cars and trucks on the grounds, it wasn’t hard for John to capture cool stuff to share with all of us. Check out the video and let us know what your favorite is!

Video Description:

Man I’m such a Slacker………

Sam Navarro is one of my oldest and Best Friends. Every Year he invites me to Texas City Texas for Lonestar Deluxe (because he knows I love Custom Cars) and every Year I’ve had an excuse why I couldn’t come. Well this Year I marked my calendar early to finally attend because I’m a Texas based Photographer, and I’m rarely in Texas.(I’m trying to change that)

I showed up early to try, and catch as many cars rolling in as possible because who wants to just see cool cars sitting around when you can see/hear them. I was blown away by the well over 400 cars in attendance, and the bands that they had booked………..but I did skip out on the Habanero Pepper Eating Contest haha.

Texas City is a port city just north of Galveston so if you need a awesome show to attend that the family can vacation at this is a great choice cars show and the Beach what else do you need.

Thanks to Sam, Cody, and His staff for putting up with me missing the past 10 events, but I guess 11th time is a charm haha Thanks for Watching

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