Five suspects piled into a C7 Corvette to lead police in the Bay Area of California on a chase which pushed past 160 mph. Weve seen quite a few high-speed Vette chases in the past, but this is the first time weve seen Americas Sports Car turned into a clown car.

Guy rushing his mom to the hospital gets pitted out by police.

Whats weird is the chase started when California Highway Patrol spotted a Dodge Charger going over 130 mph in an unincorporated portion of Alameda County. The officers are part of a special task force focusing on street takeovers and street racing, so they were combing the area probably based on a tip back on the night of March 16.

While the Mopar was going too fast for CHPs cruisers to keep up, there was an air unit overhead and that tracked the muscle cars movements no problem. However, when the vehicle got off the freeway finally and CHP tried stopping it, the driver took off again, heading through Oakland and into San Francisco.

Before stopping again, one of the suspects tossed a Glock out the window. Then they pulled up to the C7 Corvette which was just conveniently waiting for them, and all three guys from the Mopar piled into the two-seater sports car, which already had two guys inside. We have so many questions.

Once again, members of the task force tried stopping the suspects, who took off in the Vette and pushed past 160 mph as they blasted towards Redwood City, losing the officers who were in pursuit. But they tried getting tricky and doubled back to Hayward, probably not realizing a helicopter overhead was still tracing them.

One of the officers was able to successfully spike the tires on the C7 Corvette, forcing the suspects to get off the freeway and into a marshlands area. Thats when all five guys piled out of the sports car, which CHP Hayward shared video of, leaving the car in gear so it rolled off the road.

The biggest question we have is if any of these guys shared the seats and if so why? Some things are worse than jail.

Image via CHP Hayward/Facebook

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