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Fleeing Bimmer Kindly PITs Itself

Oftentimes criminals are their own worst enemies, but this BMW driver took things to the next level. After fleeing from a traffic stop, he had the courtesy to PIT himself out, allowing Arkansas State Police to catch him without so much as a fight.

Another suspect fleeing police also pitted himself out.

Originally, this suspect fled from a Pike County deputy during a traffic stop. An ASP trooper who just happened to be nearby in Clark County spotted the suspect Bimmer going the opposite direction. Since he was  in one of the notorious red Dodge Charger patrol cars, we think the suspect didn’t even recognize he passed a cop.

But the suspect was still hauling and for a good portion of the dashcam footage it’s like the trooper is chasing a ghost. The human eye sees much better than these cameras portray, so the trooper had to have seen where the Bimmer was going, because he followed through several turns flawlessly.

Since the Arkansas trooper is in a red car and not one that’s so obviously law enforcement, once he gets behind the BMW our genius suspect seems to not realize he’s basically caught for a moment. For the record, these cars usually have side graphics and a push bar up front. You don’t see many civilian Chargers outfitted like that.

Once the guy realizes he tries running hard again, swerving into oncoming traffic to get around slower cars, with some nail biting near misses. In the meantime, the trooper sticks not too far behind.

In a desperate attempt, our suspect goes around two cars, then tries making a last-minute right turn. But he gets there late, putting the German sports sedan over a hard median and disabling it, almost like he pitted himself out.

How considerate of him.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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