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Florida Man Drives Hyundai So Fast He Knocks Off A Tire

Police chased him for 35 miles as he was missing that tire.

The one thing we’ve learned about intoxicated people is they often think they can do pretty much anything, which can be downright annoying if not dangerous. That’s the apparent reason a man in Florida led Brevard County Sheriff’s deputies on a 35-mile pursuit after he had been driving so fast, he knocked one of the tires off his Hyundai Sonata.

Accused carjacker dies when hit by dump truck.

According to the Miami Herald report about the whole chase, deputies were shocked when they finally made the traffic stop, only to see zero rubber wrapped around a mangled wheel. The thing looks like it was sanded down by the road surface as the suspect kept driving hard.

We’re not sure how deputies didn’t see sparks from the wheel grinding on the asphalt. Then again, the car is a Hyundai, so those alloy wheels might possibly contain little metal, so that might be the reason.

The reportedly intoxicated Florida man pushed the little Sonata to over 95 mph during the chase. We’re assuming he was going about that fast before when he knocked the one tire off, so now we know the limit of the Korean car.

What’s truly amazing about this situation was the tire-free wheel was one of the front drive wheels. How the guy had traction to keep going so fast and didn’t wreck out in 35 miles of hard driving, which reportedly involved weaving through traffic, is beyond us.

Of course, we’ve seen some pretty wild incidents involving people fleeing while missing tires, so even without being intoxicated people get scared and do strange things which normally wouldn’t be possible. Also, the Florida Man phenomenon is real, so you can’t discount that.

Image via Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

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