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Florida Man Rams His SUV Into A Deputy’s Home, Starts Shooting

A Florida man went on a rampage at a Lee County deputy’s house, ramming his SUV through the garage door and firing multiple shots. This is the latest in what appears to be attacks targeting law enforcement officers.

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The peaceful morning of Sunday, April 14 was shattered in a Hendry County neighborhood when the man attacked the deputy’s house. You can see video footage of the incident shared by NCB2 News, which clearly shows the deputy’s patrol car parked out front.

Instead of being a random attack by someone who just doesn’t like cops, this could have been the result of a neighbor feud. 32-year-old Derek Evan Weber reportedly lives across the street from the unnamed deputy and his family. Exactly why he decided to attack isn’t clear.

However, in a press conference Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said he believes Weber drove his SUV through the garage door and opened fire simply because of the deputy’s cruiser sitting outside, reports Fox4.

The day before this attack, Weber allegedly slashed the tires and smashed the windows on multiple cars parked in the deputy’s driveway, reports NBC2. That included the deputy’s patrol car.

Lee County deputies found multiple firearms inside the suspect’s house and believe the attack was premeditated, not a spur-of-the-moment decision on Weber’s part.

It sounds like the deputy, who was off-duty and home at the time of the attack, returned fire as the suspect randomly shot through the garage wall and into house. However, there’s no mention of Weber being hit by any of those shots. As the investigation continues, the deputy has been put on administrative leave, plus will be given wellness care.

While cops have to be constantly vigilant while on the job, it’s something else entirely to have someone show up at their home while they’re off-duty and wage such a violent attack. This after law enforcement officers have been ambushed on the job quite a few times in the past few years, a trend we hate to see.

Image via NBC2 News/YouTube

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