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Florida Man Thinks He’s Smarter Than Highway Patrol

Some people think they’re super sneaky and it shows when you watch enough police pursuit dashcam videos. But this one from Florida Highway Patrol really takes the cake as one of the most ridiculous we’ve seen in a while. Even though the speeding suspect thinks he’s gotten away, the trooper gets him in the end.

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First off, the trooper sees the speeder going the opposite way, so he crosses the median and gives chase. Immediately, the suspect pulls a U-turn and takes off like that’s going to automatically get him off the hook.

After that the suspect does the old trick of blacking out or shutting off all his lights. At least he’s not driving a white car, but there are enough other vehicles on the road, plus he keeps hitting his brakes, so this only looks ridiculous and is dangerous.

Not only does this guy turn off his lights to try disappearing from the cop who’s right behind him, he also flashes his headlights to get cars in the left lane to move over so he can keep speeding. The funny thing is that little maneuver works. Maybe people thought he was a cop or maybe they thought he was just crazy so they better move out of his way – who knows.

As the trooper easily catches up, this guy starts pulling out all the fancy moves he knows and they’re pretty pathetic. Not that we’re praising people for running from law enforcement, but it’s always interesting to see someone with real skills run from cops. This is just sad.

But he does psyche out the trooper by acting like he’s going to turn left, then not, then suddenly turning left as the trooper blasts by. We bet the guy thought he got away, but the trooper wasn’t about to just give up.

With the car’s license plate number, the trooper was able to just wait by the registered owner’s address. That’s right, this guy was using his own car, not a stolen ride, to run from police. Even though he got away he ultimately didn’t.

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