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Florida Woman Calls The Cops As She’s Stealing A Car

Some criminals apparently care about doing everything by the rules, otherwise we don’t have an explanation for why a female car thief in Florida called the cops on herself. This is right up there with the drunk driver who called 911 to report a drunk driver and other dumb criminals.

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The woman in question, 37-year-old Christy Turman, reportedly was in the process of stealing a car from a dealership in Tampa, Florida when she called 911 so she “could do it legally” says Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Last we checked, the only legal way to “steal” a car was to be a repo man taking collateral for the bank. But this Florida woman apparently thought calling 911 and filing a report made taking a vehicle that isn’t hers okay.

Big shock, it isn’t.

Now we don’t know if this lady has a few screws loose, was under the influence of some substance, or what was going on. But the fact that she was at a dealership with all kinds of cars available to steal (apparently legally in her mind) that she stole a Toyota Corolla is quite concerning.

If you’re going to steal a vehicle, which we don’t endorse, at least make it worth the consequences!

Apparently, Turman told deputies she stole the car because she was training for a game of Black Ops. We don’t know if that’s supposed to be a video game, some TikTok thing, or what and we honestly don’t care. This just adds to our concern for this woman’s state.

It sounds like she didn’t drive away in the Corolla, so she didn’t get him with a theft charge but instead was slapped with trespass. Lee County Sheriff’s Office did state she has a lengthy criminal history, which just isn’t shocking at all.

This story is so crazy, it had to come out of Florida. Or California.

Image via Lee County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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