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Ford Mustang Tries Taking Out Donut Eaters

It’s getting to the point with Ford Mustangs that one can’t sit on the patio of a Dunkin’ Donuts and stuff your face without worrying a pony car will take you out instead of the trans fats. Some customers of everyone’s favorite donut and coffee shop found out this lesson the hard way when an errant Mustang almost took them out.

Man gets drunk on his birthday and crashes a Ford Mustang he doesn’t own.

Imagine just sitting there eating some donuts, sipping on your coffee that’s half corn syrup, when all of the sudden a Ford Mustang comes crashing onto the patio just feet from your group of jolly friends. That kind of thing is what you would expect while watching cars leave a meet, not when you’re sending yourself to an early, food-induced grave.

This almost tragic accident happened at a Dunkin’ in Cape Coral, Florida on the morning of April 16. A witness who attends a local high school claimed the driver was a teacher at his school. What are the chances?

In the past, Mustang enthusiasts have blamed crashes like this on the IRS. No, we’re not talking about the people who take your hard-earned money to pay for government pork projects. We’re talking about the lack of an independent rear suspension on older Mustangs.

Supposedly when the IRS was added to the S550 that was going to solve all this. And yet we’ve seen S550s attracted to crowds, poles, and buildings just like the rest of them.

And in all honesty this problem isn’t exclusive to Mustangs. Camaros, Challengers, Chargers, and even BMWs crash like this all the time. We’re even seeing more incidents with Teslas. So what gives?

We’re going out on a limb and saying it’s the type of people who are attracted to these cars, or at least a subset of them. If you know, you know.

Thankfully, the only real casualty of the crash was a fence, which was crushed, and a window which was cracked.

Image via NBC2 News/YouTube

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