It’s always fun to learn the stories behind the stories of cars that we either didn’t care much about when they were new or never knew they existed in the first place. In this case the subject is the Ferrari Quattroporte and the host is Jason Cammisa. The huge sedan was absolutely bad ass in its time with a Ferrari engine, bucks up interior, and beautiful Italian design. Now, we’re not talking “Ferrari derived” engine, we’re straight up talking about the same engine (with a flat plane crank) that was found in legitimate Ferrari hot rods like the 488. The wheelbase was the same length of a Chevy Tahoe, the interior was made with the best materials, and the sounds the thing makes are amazing.

But of course, not all was perfect. It never is. The transmission for a few years was total garbage. It was an automated single disc clutch fronted automatic and it was exactly the wrong thing for a two ton luxury sport sedan. Herky-Jerky performance was backstopped by clutch wear that typically meant the owner was getting 18,000 miles from a clutch and then paying $9,000 to have it replaced. Yeah, bad.

This is a good watch on a car we knew too little about. The sound though. The sound!

Press play below to see this cool short film about the Maserati Quattroporte –

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