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Georgia State Police Check Dodge Challenger Into Space

The Mopar did the Truffle Shuffle like a boss after.

Sometimes after chasing a suspect who speeds down public roads with zero regard for anyone else, cops aren’t in the mood to mess around. That certainly seems to be the case with this Georgia trooper who had to drive like mad, finally doing a PIT to stop a fleeing suspect in a Dodge Challenger R/T. He hit the Mopar so hard it did a great impression of the Truffle Shuffle from Goonies.

Watch police stop carjackers who targeted a mom and her child.

In case you don’t remember, the Truffle Shuffle was the dance the other kids would make Chunk do. It was humiliating, kind of like seeing this Challenger repeatedly ram the center divider on the freeway with its rear. The shaking motion is quite mesmerizing, but it doesn’t last forever.

The big, heavy muscle car finally comes to a rest and that’s when we hear just how fed up the trooper is with the driver. He makes it quite clear if the guy makes a wrong move, like reaching around in the car, he’ll shoot him. That might sound harsh, but many police are shot in these situations so it’s understandable why he’s tense.

As he tries ordering the guy out of the Dodge and onto the ground, the trooper continues to berate him with language some might find quite offensive. Is it warranted? Was the trooper not being professional? Does it even matter? We know people debate this very thing all the time.

To be honest, we’re always amazed at cops who are calm, collected, and almost respectful to someone who almost killed them and/or innocent bystanders through reckless actions. At the same time, we can completely understand why they chew such people out. Maybe if someone had dressed this guy down as a youth he might not have grown up thinking running from police at high speeds is an acceptable thing? That’s certainly open for debate.

Now check out the Mopar Truffle Shuffle for yourself.

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