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Georgia Wannabe Stunt Driver Fs Around And Finds Out

These guys aren’t car enthusiasts.

We have zero respect for the street takeover or sideshow crowd, especially since they pretend they’re car enthusiasts and make us look bad. Considering how they beat on cars combined with absolutely zero regard for the safety of people just going about their day, we laugh every time they get busted by police. But this wannabe stunt driver who has a reputation for doing burnouts and donuts in public parking lots during daytime hours getting arrested yet again in Columbus, Georgia is especially hilarious.

Learn how one Georgia city put the smackdown on these street takeover fools here.

The Columbus Police Department released a video showing different photos of 22-year-old Caiser Veasley engaged in his parking lot antics alongside a mugshot. It’s almost like a sizzle reel of the guy’s crimes which he and his friends so kindly documented for investigators by posting the evidence online. What a genius.

According to police, Veasley’s recent arrest marks the third time he’s been busted for this sort of thing recently. As one might imagine, that’s not a good thing. But they point out state code says habitual violators who have three guilty convictions in a 5-year period get their vehicle legally seized. So this guy could be losing his car as punishment. Considering the lives he’s put on the line for cheap, dumb entertainment, we think that’s more than fair.

Columbus police say they’ve been fielding a lot of complaints lately about “street racing and car clubs laying drag in privately owned and publicly operated parking areas.” This is why we hate these kinds of guys. Not that we think street racing is good or smart, but they’re not racing as they do donuts. Also, they’re not a “car club” in the traditional sense, so calling them one gives legit clubs that do charity work and don’t turn parking lots into their personal “stunt” space a bad name.

We wish all states and municipalities would throw the book at the takeover or sideshow crowd. They really are a scourge on society and the hobby we love.

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