Several years ago Toyota came out with what we and many others thought was a ridiculous commercial. Some guys decided to use a Prius as the getaway car after robbing a bank, like that was a good idea. The whole point was to showcase the fuel efficiency of the hybrid, which it did, just we couldn’t take the commercial the least bit seriously. We’re not saying this female juvenile car thief was inspired by that ad, but she did prove a Toyota Prius in the right hands can be a fairly competent getaway car.

See how a teen allegedly used a Toyota Solara to impersonate police here.

Don’t get us wrong, we still think the Dodge Hellcat is one of the best getaway vehicles in modern times. Just the problem is at WOT you’re going to drain the tank pretty quickly. Considering how capable they are versus police cruisers, you shouldn’t have to keep your foot planted on the accelerator. But we think this little car thief was doing just that in the Prius.

We’ve seen some people speeding around in their Prius before and wondered why they’re annihilating the fuel economy savings of the funky hybrid hatchback, the sole selling point for one. After all, a Prius is ugly, and the generation this girl is driving has a horrible interior, so saving money on gas is the only benefit of the thing.

But this girl proves that if you play enough video games and just ignore good sense, you can flog a Prius to the point you start to frustrate an entire police force. As an Arkansas State Police trooper heads up the pursuit, you see this little driver swerve around one set of Stop Sticks as if she’s behind the wheel of a Porsche 911. We had no idea a Prius could carve up the road like that.

After foiling several attempts to PIT her, she gets in a position where she either doesn’t see or can’t avoid a second set of Stop Sticks. With the front passenger-side tire blown and then gone, she still pushes the hybrid Toyota hard. But with a lack of traction she can’t get up above 100 mph again, so the trooper takes advantage and goes in for the PIT.

She isn’t done, swerving and changing up her speed to frustrate his attempts. Finally, the trooper just gives the Prius a good bump from behind, sending the little hatchback spinning across the road. Still, she doesn’t give up, so the trooper T-bones the Prius at low speed. Once the car is disabled, the suspect gets out willingly and is tackled while crying like a girl. Hopefully she never tries anything like this again.

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