The Goodguys Lonestar Nationals is always a great show, but this year the weather was looking ominous leading up to it. Lots of folks were worried that it would get rained out completely, but after a bit of rain the rest of the weekend was salvaged and the Goodguys show ended up being great. I was at another event this year, but last year we had a great time walking the show and hanging out with friends. Which is exactly what John Jackson did while visiting the show. He shot some great video while he was on hand shooting photos and car features, and put it all together to share with all of us.

Video Description:

You’d never tell by the crowd on Saturday that they were calling for gnarly thunderstorms this weekend in Texas.

I couldn’t believe the crowd on Saturday after we had to take a couple of show breaks Friday due to rain.

We weren’t sure we’d be able to get all the photoshoots done this weekend so we planned the truck cover shoot for Friday night……..we just crossed our fingers and hoped. We were pleasantly surprised when we even had to wait for the sun to go down a bit before we could take the thumbnail image.

Hope you enjoy the video this is one of my favorite GoodGuys events every year, and went well above my expectations……… thanks for taking the time to watch.

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