Emergencies happen and sometimes you have to rush a loved one to the hospital. Perhaps you dont want to get hit with the ultra-expensive ambulance ride or cant wait for first responders to arrive at your location, so you rush to the hospital in your own car. Thats what this guy did and he was pitted out by an Arkansas state trooper.

This is some of the worst police chase driving weve seen.

Of course the sensible thing to do if youre racing to get emergency medical care for your loved one and a cop pulls up behind you with lights and sirens is to pull over. Once the officer/trooper/deputy walks up, calmly as possible explain whats happening.

With rare exception, a cop will give you an escort to the emergency room. That will help you avoid any more police trying to pull you over and can prevent an accident. After all, crashing at high speeds wont make your loved ones medical situation any better.

Instead, this guy decides to flee from the trooper, even after one unsuccessful PIT attempt. Even the most stubborn people at that point would realize the trooper means business and pull over to face the music.

But this guy just keeps on going. And after the trooper PITs him out, he stands up on the door sill of his truck, jabbing in the air towards the hospital like the troopers just automatically supposed to know what that even means.

Allegedly, this suspect was drunk, so he shouldnt have been rushing his mommy to the hospital and instead shouldve called for help, be it an ambulance or a neighbor. While she was taken to the emergency room, he now has a big legal mess to deal with. Not smart.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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